Owen Family Association www.owenfamilyassociation.org

Officers/Directors 2014

    President - Cliff Owen
    Vice President - Garry Owens
    Former Vice President, Charter Expert (Hon.) - M. Fred Owen
    Treasurer - George N. Shirley, Jr.
    Secretary - Virginia Amis Garrison
    Genealogist - Jane Owen (Mrs. Ed Owen)
    Editor - Gregory Gaines
    Newsletter - Garry W. Owens
    Historian - (Open)
    Publisher - (Open)
Appointed Positions

    DNA Anministrator - T.W. "Whit" Athey
    Webmaster - Donn Davidson
    Cemetery Project - Judy Peeples
    Proofreader(Hon.) - Jane Owen Hillard

Email contact for all of the above: owenfamilyassoc@comcast.net

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